Windshield Wiper Fluid During the Winter

As winter storms it’s way in, areas that see snow and below freezing temperatures need to be aware of safety steps to protect their vehicles. One of the most commonly overlooked service issues that our team sees here at, is improper use of fluids in systems. This is doubly so for drivers that use water in their windshield wiper fluid system. Far too often, our technicians repair vehicles that were filled with water instead of proper windshield wiper fluid.

A simple way to avoid this situation is to always use manufacturer recommended fluids in your vehicle. By ensuring that you are using a trusted brand of windshield wiper fluid during the winter, you can reduce the risk of burst lines and broken reservoirs. This simple tip can save you hundreds in the auto shop!

Come on down to Mark Miller Toyota in Salt Lake City, and ask our service technicians what you can do to help prepare your car for the winter.

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