Kitty Litter Not as Effective as Rock Salt or Sand in Inclement Weather

When you live in a cold, wet and snowy climate, it's common to have to melt snow or ice from around your car's tires in order to gain good traction. Three top choices are rock salt, sand and kitty litter. Each has pros and cons, but you are sure to find one that is right for you.

Rock salt is the most powerful choice. It can melt a significant amount of ice or snow in a short time. It is also corrosive and shouldn't be used to melt ice on your windshield or car. Salt is often used on sidewalks and roads to keep them from freezing quickly in cold weather. Sand is another option. It melts snow, and is especially popular to increase traction on roadways, but isn't corrosive. In a small area, kitty litter can also be used.

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