Understanding Unfamiliar Dashboard Lights

Most people are familiar with the lights on the dashboard that indicate a problem. However, many new lights have been added in recent years to provide more information about how a vehicle is running. For those purchasing a newer vehicle for the first time, these lights can be unfamiliar. Our staff at Mark Miller Toyota Downtown have created a list of some of the new lights to help remove the confusion many may feel when these new lights come on in Salt Lake City:
  • Traction Control or ESC Light This light will often come on during slippery or icy conditions. This indicates that the vehicle has initiated its traction control to maintain stability in these conditions.
  • ESC Fault light This light indicates that there is an issue with the traction control in the vehicle and should be checked out by a technician as soon as possible.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light This light will turn on when the vehicle detects a tire with low air pressure. All tires should be checked to ensure proper pressure for safe driving.
Each vehicle may have different lights, depending on the features the car may have. If a light comes on and you do not know what it means, bring it into our dealership to have it checked out.
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