Hybrid Powertrain Manufacturing for Toyota Vehicles is Coming to U.S.!

With the announcement of Toyota hybrid vehicle powertrain production coming to the U.S., this may have many excited. What will get produced at these facilities, and when will this take place? The plan is to have the five locations working by 2020, and there will be a number of different parts built at these facilities. An added benefit from this is that there will be jobs that get created! A few of the parts that will get manufactured at these facilities will include hybrid transaxles for the vehicles, 2.5-liter cylinder heads, and even engines. In Kentucky as well as West Virginia, there will be a facility, and the engines will get used for the construction of Toyota hybrid vehicles that get manufactured in North America.

Because of the number of benefits that come with a hybrid car, it is no wonder that the production of hybrid vehicles from Toyota is soaring. Are you in the market for a hybrid vehicle? Take a peek at our selection in Salt Lake City, UT, and take a test drive today at Mark Miller Toyota Downtown!

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