The New Toyota Tacoma Comes Packed with Safety Features

The reasons the new Toyota Tacoma is considered a popular midsize pickup truck has to do with the numerous safety features it offers drivers. Here are some of those features drivers can't stop raving about at the Mark Miller Toyota Downtown dealership.

The Tacoma has the Automatic High Beams feature that is making driving at night safer for everyone. If the vehicle reaches a certain speed, the system is activated and the high beams turn on. If the system spots a vehicle coming in the opposite direction, the low beams are turned on until it is clear to toggle the high beams back.

Why is the Lane Departure Alert such an important safety feature? If you get distracted or tired while driving the Tacoma, the sensors recognize the vehicle is drifting out of the lanes and sends vibrations to the steering wheel until the driver corrects the issue. Stop at our Toyota showroom to take the Tacoma out for a test drive today!



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