Toyota Prius Prime Performance Features

If you’ve been considering a hybrid vehicle, check out the Toyota Prius Prime, a popular plug-in hybrid. The Prius Prime is a great way to get introduced to the latest technology in automobiles. This vehicle is one sharp-looking car that will go a long way for a little money. Stop at Mark Miller Toyota Downtown and see what the Prius Prime is all about.

Hybrids are known for their excellent gas mileage, but the Toyota Prius Prime offers so much more than just good fuel economy. Its low-slung chassis, well-balanced weight distribution, high-strength steel frame and multi-link rear suspension give you a smooth ride and excellent performance. The dual-mode drive system gives fast acceleration and ultimate efficiency.

If you’re still uncertain if a hybrid is what you want, visit us and take the Toyota Prius Prime out for a test drive. We’re pretty you’ll love everything about the Prius Prime.



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