Braking and Accelerating in the Rain Can Contribute to Hydroplaning

One of the ways that you can prevent hydroplaning is to drive in a lower gear. This will help to keep your speed down when you're on the road, while maintaining better traction. A lower gear can also help while driving in a busy city when it's raining, or if you're driving on a road with a lot of turns and hills.

Avoid slamming on your brakes when it's raining. You want to gently pump your brakes so that your vehicle doesn't begin to slide. Have Mark Miller Toyota make sure your brake pads are sufficient and that they don't need to be changed to ensure that you're able to safely stop while driving.

Try not to accelerate quickly when you're driving in the rain. This can sometimes lead to your tires spinning if there's an excess amount of water in one area of the road.



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