The Toyota RAV4's Rocking Performance Features

The Toyota RAV4's reputation as a compact sport utility vehicle is only increased by its outstanding 8-inch touchscreen, the power liftgate, and matchless interior material, but the RAV4’s performance features might be the best part of the compact SUV’s package. Take a look at these two features and see if you don’t find them a little distracting.

The powertrain behaves like the perfect pairing of power and grace as the RAV4’s engine produces over 200 hp and sends that thrust to the impressive eight-speed direct shift automatic transmission. It provides whisper smooth shifts from zero to 60 mph.

If you get a little annoyed with the road surface, consider using one of the three discrete drive modes to jazz up the RAV4’s performance. The RAV4 provides a sport mode, a regular mode, and an ECO mode for when you just want to save some money at the pump. Once you’ve embraced the performance versatility of the Toyota RAV4, go to the dealer and take one for a test drive today.



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