Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck: Safe On and Off the Road

The new Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that's built to withstand tough conditions. Besides having great off-road features, this car is available with signature active safety features. You can ask Mark Miller Toyota Downtown about the trademark Safety Sense P technology.

When the Tacoma moves faster than 25 MPH, the Automatic High Beams scan the road for oncoming traffic. If another car approaches, the lamps will automatically change from high to low intensity. The AHB also improves your visibility of people, animals and other moving obstacles on dark roads.

Engineered to work when the speedometer exceeds 32 MPH, the Lane Departure Alert decreases the risk of a side collision with an automobile in an adjacent lane. This cutting-edge technology carefully monitors the movement of the Tacoma's wheels in relation to lane markings. Additionally, the Sway Warning detects sudden movement into another lane that may be caused by mechanical problems or distracted driving.



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