Automatic Safety Technology in the Toyota Yaris

These days, drivers expect intelligent safety features in their new cars. Luckily, the new Toyota Yaris has you covered. This beloved subcompact car is equipped with automatic safety features that take action whenever they're needed without any intervention from you.

We here at Mark Miller Toyota Downtown are proud to show off the Traction Control System. While you can't see this system in action, it's working in the background as you drive to keep you safe. If you start to experience stability issues due to slick roads or rough driving surfaces, the system will automatically work to provide you with better traction. It does this by adjusting torque between the wheels, modifying transmission power, and applying the brakes selectively.

Also available are rain-sensing wipers. The windshield wipers feature tiny sensors that can detect moisture. They'll turn on automatically so that you can focus on the road ahead. To ensure that they work for your needs, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the wipers.



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