Toyota Highlander tackles routine driving days in Salt Lake City and all of your off-road adventures. That's why its popularity in the midsize SUV category is secure. It's got wonderful power, great handling, efficiency, in-cabin amenities and a host of notable safety features. Consider the following two.

Low-Light Pedestrian Detection

Highlander's Pre-Collision System detects pedestrians and cyclists even under low-light conditions, a particular safety feature that caught the attention of our entire Mark Miller Toyota Downtown team. The system issues visual and audio alerts if a person wanders unexpectedly into Highlander's path. If your driving reflexes prove slower than road conditions, Highlander brakes automatically to prevent a collision.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Using a radar mounted in its front grille, Highlander stays ever aware of vehicles traveling ahead of you. If a vehicle ahead lags in speed, Highlander's cruise control system adjusts its speed to maintain optimal following gaps. The adjustment does not deactivate cruise control. Plus, if an even slower speed becomes necessary, Highlander issues visual and audio alerts and even brakes automatically as needed.

Come test drive Toyota Highlander at our dealership today, and see why critics and consumers continue to rave about it.


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