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Famous for customer service.

We make the purchase of your vehicle a remarkable experience. Here are a few comments from recent customers:
"I have to tell you that when I leave Mark Miller, I feel like I've received the best possible care. Your customer service people are remarkable, and I feel I can talk freely and easily about my car with them. But more than that, I feel understood, and that's very important to me. So, you can bet that I'm a good ambassador for Mark Miller - for your customer service department - and for Toyota! Can't think of any other company I'd want to buy a car from!
Susan D.

"The lack of pressure to decide; the openness and willingness to share pricing information under different programs; responsiveness and follow-through of the salesmen involved."
Robert B.

"This is my second purchase of a new vehicle at Mark Miller and I had the Camry serviced exclusively at Mark Miller and plan to do the same with my new Avalon."
Toni P.

"I knew the vehicle and options I wanted, and price I would pay. Simple negotiation; either sell at that price or not. The dealership understood my position and didn't waste my time."
Mike W.


"Best car purchase experience I've ever had. No hassle, no gamesmanship in negotiation, just great in every way."
Arnold R.

"I knew what I wanted so did not need a whole lot about the product, but the individuals seemed to know what they were talking about vs. other dealerships I went to where I knew more about the vehicle then the salesman."
Kristen L.

"I had been looking for a new car for several weeks before I made it to a Toyota dealership, and this dealership and my salesperson gave me the best experience of anywhere I went. He was extremely knowledgeable, and very easy to communicate with. I was extremely pleased to have worked with him. "
Chaunce B.

"The pricing presented show all costs and nothing was added on once I agreed to buy. Very appreciated. Not to pushy. Everything was straight forward."
Aaron L.